About PDX a Day

PDX a Day

This 'photoblog' is the result of a long concerted effort by my great friend Laura who has been prodding me to do something about getting my photos up for others to see. Typically lazy and undermotivated I have for too long passively resisted the effort involved. Lately her encouragement and the very kind words of Marty and others have collectively convinced me to get off my ass and 'get it done'.

I begin this project with the intention of posting, as near to daily as possible, images I make around the city of Portland, Oregon. I expect that from time to time I will put up some old work that I feel warrants exposure. It is to me, rather than a 'gallery', an excersise designed to help me focus on my work. If you have come here to look I hope you find it worth your time and if you have questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me.